internet Proclamation Declaration


not number NEMBER

Contact D.i.L

The Nembers
show you how
to do everything

! !

as long as
you share


graphic says vote with your at play with at and shop with your at the p 2 p discovery company ! What is The D.i.L iPD ?

The vital document is being drafted , polished and digitized for you to support or keep being ported/de.porte!D

SweePING the globe beyond

Current Message 2 All Traffic
" we stress testing the 4th amendment "

0H , , , just so You know, there are over 65,000 ports you have access 2!
but-- mostly , You run the port (80) the famous web port.
and only G.O.D knows hal many computer  file extensions there are by now.

R ! U ? N !

13.IF >You have an interest in reclaiming earth like we all have talked and talked about ,  cl@im A Nember and Key Code your way
22.IF > You believe in Mystification Identification throughout the Networks
31.IF > YOU  believe in stopping 20th century tactics , while going about your own business = living life the way only you know how without undue disruption !

! W E l l ...?
then talk about it to those you know , around the water cooler , at the ice cream truck ,  where ever, about The D.i.L i.P.D , THE REAL DEAL and
whatever else is on your minD :)


NOTE 2 System Operators and Administrators :
you are encouraged to draw up your own interest in The D! Delcaration
Visit here for m/o/r/e insight about the revolution solution
We NembersSM matter according to our own identity , you can bet your sweet blank blank on th@!

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