Terms of site use , plus   o.w.n.e.r.ship


wee know what wee want



Zones update daily

AuthoriZed Enty

Terms of Nember site use is based entirely on
The D.i.L internet Proclamation Declaration of The 21st Century

" will cover us like this : enter key code 2 reveal Nember access points on their own network dubbe!D inter.star.nets ;)
ie.....imaging.....audios.....their journals...their blogs.....their books....their transportation....their fav dinning places.....their pretty much everYthinG " g.

Simply Stated:: , , , Without A Nember Key Code , , , it will all be a mystery to you about the real people2people and their inter.star.nets ;)

>>>This ain'ttt myspace.c / no0ffenSe

its kinda like, lets make a deal <yes , very similiar to the TV SHOW= lets make a deal
, buttt > wit random codez that da machines won't know and don't no ;) lol

The D ? > It is Your  Super User Access 2 accountsmy deal your deal everybodys deal dil dil deal for over 12 years of agea netwerk control panel for everything you can dream ofdil under 12

NOTE 2 System Operators / Administrators / whatever you call yourselves: SYSOP 2 SYSOP : you are encouraged to help I.T. iT's about setting information free and tru$tworthly. A person of contact can be made here
Visit here for m/o/r/e insight about the revolution solution