The P2P Discovery Company  TW NOC
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streamlining thought patterns to reflect 101 percent accuracy

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The World OUR S NOW
and you may have felt i.T






1. Personal use with agents = hycons via Your Key Code

A. CLAIM ( personal 2 personal ) p2p
B. Key Coding

input output ; global 2 local
(if you wish )
C. Sharing Keys

and making keys
that expire
Causing Mystification Identification dil is all wee say at this moment :)

initial time 2 start Key Code [7minutes]

2. Business use as Commerce

Authorization to the 21st Century
(business2personal) B2P

Virtual Ad Space placement that Match Accurately and Properly to the service / product , that you have almost instantly via MAP.
! whatcha got ?
Nembers like
eVerything !

and...not scams
or greeeen eggs
and ham

3. The D.i.L an InterActive .Company
Online <&> Offline

The Worlds
Nember Owned .Company

A. An All Age Investment Company with no charge internet accessibility with Nembership Multipass.

B. Learning earning any way you steer your mail-to tag via Key Code
{ includes GROUping and CATing your mail-to tag to make it work for you }
Thus, Competing Your Nembership with commerce...

C. Zoning around the Globe
with Your Ship ui
...  as some say ,
via your face 2 face http interface and vice verse across nodes electron
-ically filtering non wanted advertisements/bs.

How does that grab ya






*next n trance gate


believe it

any 1 recognize the back ground picture ?

if so > email here and maybe you a win prize

this page properly viewed @ 800x600